A few useful tricks for using Endnote

I’m not sure how widespread this issue is, but I find the instant formatting function of Endnote x7 to become painfully slow after my MS Word manuscripts include 100 or so references. I’d hope that there is an elegant solution to this, but I haven’t found it yet. My current strategy for maintaining sanity while composing reference-rich manuscripts is to leave the field codes unformatted and disable instant formatting. After a bit of reverse engineering I now use the following field codes to achieve the desired reference formatting. I then periodically format the references to make sure everything looks as expected. Hope this helps anyone stuck in similar predicaments.

In these examples, the author = Forel, and the year = 1909.

{Forel, 1909 #10514} = (Forel, 1909)
{Forel, 1909 #10514@@author-year} = Forel (1909)
{Forel, 1909 #10514@@hidden} = only show in bibliography
{Forel, #10514} = show only author
{, 1999 #10514} = show only year

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