Invasive ants

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UPDATE: The project was released November 2012. See the announcement page for overview.

I am designing user-friendly identification guides to increase the capacity of port personnel, conservationists, and general biologists to identify invasive ants. The web-based guides use a new generation of identification tools. The Lucid3 matrix-based keys render the identification process more intuitive and efficient than traditional dichotomous keys.

Vector-based line drawings are used to illustrate character states and glossary terms. High-resolution digital specimen photographs are used to highlight species-level characters.

Video clips demonstrate useful characters for field identification. Species pages detail  diagnostic characters, comparison charts, image galleries, nomenclature, references and links.


Web Resources

Antkey ( An identification guide to invasive, introduced and commonly intercepted ants of the United States (including Hawaii).

Piakey. An illustrated web-based identification guide to the invasive ants of the Pacific Islands.


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Sarnat, EM (Dec. 4th, 2008) PIAkey: Identification guide to invasive ants of the Pacific Islands, Edition 2.0, Lucid v. 3.4. USDA/APHIS/PPQ Center for Plant Health Science and Technology and University of California — Davis. []